Propensity Models

Your booking data is processed within reTravel to calculate state-of-the-art models using artificial intelligence. These models predict offers with the highest probability for purchase along the customer journey of your travellers.

What was once little more than an educated guess becomes a strategic initiative fuelled and supported by hard facts and data.

Purchase Probabilites

The power of machine learning enables reTravel to detect commonalities and trends before they even begin. We can predict the behaviour of your travellers and know what they are likely to purchase at any given time.

reTravel calculates each trip and identifies upselling opportunities. Therefore we can direct your marketing efforts to trips that have a high probability of resulting in booking leakage.


Predictive models have great defensive capabilities. By identifying accounts that are less sticky to your Travel Company, you can dramatically reduce your churn rates and grow your business from your existing customer base.

Identify the opportunities for each individual traveler and analyse how they benchmark against their peer group.